Dr. Scott Barttelbort provides the highest quality and safest Facial Procedures, Body Contouring, Breast Procedures and more for his patients.
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From the moment I met Dr. B and his staff, I was so impressed by the warmth and professionalism everyone displayed.  I quickly decided to set up my surgery for a tummy tuck, some lipo and butt lift. I expressed what I wanted and he reassured me that he understood perfectly.  The weeks prior to my surgery I was so impressed by his staff and their follow up to make sure I was prepared.

The morning of the surgery, I was amazed that everyone I came in contact with said such wonderful positive things about this very talented surgeon. From the OR nurses, the admin staff, and the anesthesiologist everyone said such nice things about Dr. Barttelbort.  Everyone said he is the most talented surgeon and that I had chosen perfectly.

Everything turned out great with the surgery and I am very pleased with the work done. Dr. Barttelbort’s bedside manner is so sincere and wonderful.  I felt well taken care of from the first day I met him. The amount of follow up visits have been so reassuring.  Dr. B is not the type of surgeon that gets paid and then disappears to let you recoup on your own.  He follows up and makes sure you are progressing as needed. I am about 3 months post op and he is still following up on my progress very closely. I am so pleased with his work that I already want to schedule to have my breasts “tuned up”. I honestly couldn’t say enough positive things about Dr. B and his staff.  They have been so great, I would with 100% assurance send anyone needing cosmetic surgery to Dr. B.


I went to see Dr Barttelbort after consulting with several other plastic surgeons. He had been recommended to me by several friends of mine, including another doctor.  I was immediately impressed by his professionalism and manners. He struck me as an experienced and knowledgeable doctor, and he seemed to know exactly what the right procedure for my particular circumstance was.

During the first consultation, we discussed several alternatives and he fully explained the positive and negative aspects of each option. His staff was also really courteous, friendly and efficient. After a second consultation, I decided to have “Dr B” perform a full-face lift and a rhinoplasty.

I am glad I choose him as my doctor: the results are great.  He was present and supportive during the pre- and post-operatory periods, and he really helped me through every stage of the recovery.  I cannot recommend him enough.  He is not only a great doctor, but is also a very warm and loving person.

— A. V.

After losing 130 lbs., and consequentially looking something like a Sharpie with folds of loose skin from the weight loss, I consulted three plastic surgeons about getting a tummy tuck and face lift.  All three – Dr. Barttelbort among them – were highly recommended and regularly made the various Top San Diego Doctor lists, but I chose Dr. Barttelbort because during the consultation he took a long time patiently explaining the pros and cons of the procedures, answering questions honestly and thoughtfully, and never over-promised or hyped the potential results.  In other words, you immediately trusted him.  The two separate surgeries went smoothly and without complication, and the follow-up care and visits over the weeks of recovery were downright pampering.  And the results of the surgeries were incredible, exceeding my expectations.  Goodbye Sharpie.  When it comes to plastic surgery, Dr. Barttelbort is more than a skilled surgeon, he is an artist, and does his work with finesse, patience and compassion.  He also has a great sense of humor, which is manna in the desert of often humorless doctors.  His office staff and nurses are just as professional and compassionate, and always great to deal with.  Major surgery is never a pleasure, but dealing with Dr. Barttelbort and his staff made it as close to a pleasure as I suspect I will ever come.

— Penni

My family and I have been patients with Dr Barttelbort for over a twenty year period. He is an exceptional and gifted surgeon and I think that fact stands completely alone. I have to say that with all his skill, I also highly value his vast knowledge and common sense which he imparts to me as his patient-I often learn far more than I could possibly have expected in a given visit.

Dr B always responds in a way that is thoughtful and unfailingly kind. No matter what else may be going on, he is conscientious in a way that adds dignity and quality to every interaction.

I’m so grateful to have his expertise but I’m also grateful for his real concern his patients. A doctor like Dr B is rare and a gift to anyone whose life he touches.

— Cindi

Dr. B. is the consummate professional. He under-promises and over-delivers at every step. He never took his eyes off me and stayed with me seeing me as much as necessary through all phases of the surgical process and recovery–even coming into the office on the 4th of July to check my progress.

The challenge was great; two failed surgeries and a chin and neck that by most standards seemed irreparable.  Dr B. repaired them and left me looking years younger and with a completely new attitude. This is not a man you will hear of, he does not promote. Should you come visit him, even once, you will know there is no other doctor for you. He is a doctor’s doctor.  Dr. B. is best known in the medical community as the court of last resort, the one you see when everything else has failed.

Why not go to him first? I wish I had!

— David

I am very pleased to write you this letter in thanks for all your wonderful care. When I had my tummy tuck in 2000, I had no idea what wonderful results I would have. From the minute I met you and your staff I felt cared for and cared about. I had a brow-lift and my upper eyelids done at the same time. My recovery was excellent.

Because of how happy I was with my first surgery, I had a belt lipectomy in 2002. Again, your care and your skill provided wonderful results! Dr. B “you truly have a gift“ I was amazed at how little bruising and discomfort I felt after my surgeries. I attribute that to your gentleness, your skill, and your genuine concern for me as a person.

I would not hesitate to recommend you and your staff to anyone.

— Mary

Dr. Barttelbort and staff were extremely professional and courteous throughout the whole process. All my questions were answered and any concerns I may have had were quickly addressed. I was put very much at ease with the procedure thanks to everyone involved with Dr. Barttelbort’s practice. Also, not to brag too much but the results were fabulous!

— C. R.

Dr. Barttelbort is one of the most caring, precise and professional surgeons I have ever had the pleasure of working with. His expertise is only surpassed by his kindness and genuine caring for his patients. His staff is a replica of Dr. Barttlebort’s ethic and warmth. That is very rare. I would recommend him highly as well as utilize his surgical skills again.


After having 2 sets of twins and nursing them, my breasts were definitely not the same as before children. I decided something needed to be done. I spent approximately a year researching breast augmentation. I went to several different doctors for consultations. After meeting with Dr. Barttelbort, I knew that this was the doctor me.

I immediately felt at ease and comfortable at his office.

The staff is wonderful. Going to my appointments became like visiting a friend. Dr. B. took plenty of time to answer all of my questions and made sure that I understood the procedure. We also spent time discussing the look that I wanted. I was confident that Dr. Barttelbort understood exactly what results I was looking for. I couldn’t be more pleased with the outcome. The results are beautiful! I would definitely recommend Dr. Barttelbort to anyone who is considering this procedure.

— E

Dr. Barttelbort showed ‘above and beyond’ kindness and professionalism throughout my year dealing with breast cancer. After the reconstruction surgery he was there every day I remained in the hospital. I only saw the other surgeon once. Throughout the year, he kept a close eye on my staged reconstruction. Since chemo can cause complications.

You will be very fortunate if you decide to go to him for your care. I “aged” a little too much this past five years. Guess where I will be going for a little “refreshed” look? Absolutely, Dr. B!

— Kathy

Hi! My name is Suzi and I’m a breast cancer SURVIVOR. I can’t stress enough on the importance of self-exams; by doing so I found a lump in my left breast and the ultrasound found two more. My battle began by having a biopsy on January 6, 2004 and two days later finding out that I had breast cancer, not just one but three different types. I told my surgeon that I wanted both breasts removed and replaced with two new bigger, better and improved ones that won’t sag. Before leaving her office I was given a list of physicians for me to begin meeting the next day; Dr. B. was one of those listed on my team.

On February 3rd, 2004 I had bilateral mastectomy done; replacing the old breasts with two new ones. I couldn’t wait to see what my breasts were going to look like and I can tell you I was very pleased the day after my surgery. As I watched Dr. B. unwrap my new gift I felt an overwhelming relief that I wasn’t flat. Over a series of months we gradually got them to the size I preferred; prior to all my surgeries I was a C cup size. In September 2004 I went through my last major surgery by replacing the implants with 100% silicone ones and I love them! Dr. B. used my own skin, along my bikini line, to rebuild nipples and areolas for me; I even got a little liposuction done around the mid-section and hips. My breasts look and feel more natural than I ever thought they would; I now have a C/D cup size and best of all I was given the bonus of having cleavage too!

Dr. B. is awesome; he helped my husband and me through every stage of healing and becoming whole again; He made me feel and look feminine once again. Dr. B is a true artist and I’m proud to say that I was one of is great works of art. I’m so proud of the new boobs he gave me that I proudly show them off to other women going through breast cancer. It’s like see; you can look like this too!

I highly recommend Dr. B to anyone in need of breast reconstruction and/or liposuction. Dr. B. is AWESOME!!! My husband and I both consider Dr. B and his staff a part of our family; we couldn’t have gotten through it all without them. All I had to do was supply the PMA (Positive Mental Attitude)


An artist, a gifted surgeon, a man graced with integrity and kindness is how I would explain my experiences with Dr. B.  My journey began with a double mastectomy and has gone on to include facial enhancements, all of which have resulted in me feeling as beautiful outside as I feel inside. That is the miracle of Dr. B. No matter what procedure you elect you will never be in better hands. Thank you Dr. B. for your work, your careful explanations and also importantly for surrounding yourself with the best staff anyone could assemble.

— Naomi W.

I have known Scott Barttelbort for at least 15 years. Truly, I can say it feels like a privilege! Being in the medical device field, I have met many surgeons and experienced first-hand the outcomes for their patients, as well as the “industry inside” information regarding countless other surgeons.

Based solely on those reasons I would highly recommend him. Then, you add in the fact that my surgical experience with him for my breast augmentation (a redo, from a surgery years prior with a less than great surgeon), plus my perfect “liquid facelift” experiences on a regular basis…and you’d think you hit the jackpot in your surgeon search.  Oh no, Dr. “B” goes way beyond that with his unbelievable kindness, sincerity, and perfection in his craft.  I can’t tell you the number of highly satisfied friends, family members, and acquaintances that I have sent his way with fantastic results. I can only tell you that I want the rest of the world to know how lucky we are to have him, and I hope that after your fantastic experience with him and his phenomenal caring staff that you too, will be as happy as I have been to spread the word.  You are in great hands!

— Nancy T.

I asked a lot of nurses and doctors at Scripps La Jolla who they thought was the best Plastic Surgeon, and they all told me Dr. Barttelbort would give me the best results.  It was a privilege finding him to not only make beautiful breasts for me again, but to find a doctor who cared about my needs.  He gave me dignity, respect, and compassion, while listening to my concerns!

Dr. B gave me straight answers to all my questions, seeing me through chemo too!  My theme was “Count it all Joy” during what was supposed to be a difficult time in my life.  This was a yearlong process and I had the BEST care along the way!

There is a constant trust with Dr. B and his staff.  It’s amazing to see his skilled techniques and gorgeous results on my body each day!!  Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your willingness to guide women through this journey until we find a cure for breast cancer!  I feel healthy and strong because all my needs were met before, during and after the surgeries!  Dr. B is a truly gifted man!

— Susie

When I was considering surgical procedures, it was very important to me that the surgeon had a broad range of expertise, including reconstructive work.

I was actually referred to Dr. B by two people. One was a former sister in law who had had breast reduction after a mastectomy due to breast cancer and the other was my niece’s husband, a surgeon of the head and neck. These referrals gave me the confidence I need in knowing that I would be in good hands.

Now I hope I can give you the confidence that I had. Dr. B. and his staff were very kind and helpful from the very beginning. They answered every question I had (and a few hundred that my husband had). My surgery went very well and I am extremely happy with my results. Dr. B. has continued to follow up with me and continues to be warm, gentle man that not only is a phenomenal surgeon but also compassionate human being. I would recommend him to anyone who is considering plastic or reconstructive surgery of any kind. In fact I have already referred people to him and will continue to do so.

— Sherri

With the urging of a friend who was a very satisfied patient of Dr. Barttelbort, I consented to go in for a consultation with Dr. B. I went to meet with him about the option of performing Liposuction on the upper portion of my legs. Although I was extremely nervous, the Doctor was very careful in explaining how the procedure works and how it could benefit me with my “trouble spots”. I very much appreciated the lack of pressure put upon me to make a decision now. I generally abhor any “Used Car Salesman” type of tactics used by professionals, and Dr. B. did not employ any of these. After careful consideration, I went ahead and had the procedure. The care given by Dr. B. and his staff was excellent and genuine. The follow-up visits were encouraging and felt much better about my decisions once I saw the results.

I would recommend Dr. Barttelbort to any individual that is seeking to have a procedure done to enhance an area they would like to improve upon. I am confident that he or she will not be disappointed in the slightest and will appreciate the service and friendliness of the doctor and his staff.

— S. C.

I can’t imagine a more professional, caring and gifted surgeon than Dr. B. My experience was exceptionally positive and I feel like I had much more than a face lift but a life lift. I contemplated having plastic surgery for over five years and did extensive research looking at doctors and procedures. Dr. Barttelbort was recommended to me by a friend who sang his praises and felt and looked fantastic.

It is no wonder that he has been selected by San Diego Magazine as a top doctor more than once, his work is featured in national publications and he is a fellow in the American College of Surgeons. I felt like every detail of the procedures were carefully explained to me in words I could understand by the doctor and his highly trained staff.  The confidence that both my husband and I had going into surgery and the care I received post-op was extraordinary and knowing that I was in the skilled hands of Dr. B made all the difference.

He listens and helped me make the right choices and blends both art and medicine into his practice.

— C. L.

I recently had both facelift and liposuction surgery performed by Dr. Scott Barttelbort.  I am grateful for the wonderful care he gave me and my results are fantastic.  Dr. B. is not only a highly skilled surgeon but also a very compassionate human being.   Dr. B. educated me fully and put my mind at ease by explaining every aspect of the procedure and exactly what to expect.   He and his wonderful staff patiently answered all of my questions both before and after the surgery.  I feel lucky to be one of his patients.  I have never received better care from any physician.  I am very happy with my surgical results and would not only recommend Dr. B to my friends and family, but I would downright insist that they see him when considering any cosmetic surgery.

— Janet

As a cancer survivor, I had been referred to Dr. Scott Barttelbort by my other very trusted physicians – each of whom had said that Dr. Barttelbort is held in the highest regard by his specialty colleagues, as well as by physicians outside of his specialty.

Dr. Barttelbort is one of the most sensitive, caring and gifted physicians I have ever known. He gently explained each part of my procedure with clarity and patience. He is very approachable, and the true warmth and respect that he has for his patients puts one at ease. The calmness and trust that Dr. Barttelbort inspires in his patients greatly aids in the anticipation of an upcoming surgery as well as in the healing process following surgery.

Dr Barttelbort is an excellent physician, and I will always consider myself to be extremely fortunate to have been one of his patients, and wish him much continued joy in his medical practice.

— Catherine

Wow! I am so happy with the results of the liposuction that you performed on me. Every time I look at the before and after pictures, I am amazed. You are a truly talented surgeon!

Although I had a lot of fat to remove form my inner, outer thighs, and lower abdomen, you said my procedure might take longer than others, but you assured me that it would go smoothly, and it did. The only regret I have is not doing it a decade sooner!

Dr. B, one of the things that I loved about you and your staff was your kind and caring attitude towards your patients. This seems so simple, but I had consulted with several surgeons and it is one of the things that made you stand out. You listened patiently to my concerns and took time to clearly and thoughtfully explain procedures. I was even able to speak with prior patients! (Something I am now glad to do myself!)

In other offices I felt looked down upon, rushed, inadequate, over anxious. In your office, you and your staff understood that even though these procedures are an every day practice for you, this was a huge decision for me. Your bedside manner before, during and after the procedure was excellent. I felt as if I were your only patient!

Six years have passed since the surgery, and even though I have aged, and gained a little weight, I am still SO happy with my body shape. To you I am truly thankful.

— J. T.