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At our La Jolla practice near San Diego, patients benefit from professional skin care and rejuvenation treatments. Our qualified staff can help you achieve a healthier, younger appearance.
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Full-Service Cosmetic Surgical Practice

Dr. Barttelbort understands the importance of optimizing a patient’s cosmetic surgical and non-surgical experience. At his practice not only do you receive premium pre and post procedural attention from highly qualified professionals, “Dr. B” will guide you to appropriate ancillary services as needed in order to enhance your outcomes. Weather it is lymphatic massage, diet and nutrition guidance, or in-home recovery nursing care, our team can provide a referral to a respected specialist to help you in your journey.

Lymphatic Massage with Connie Nation

Any surgical procedure, including facelift surgery and other cosmetic procedures, inflicts trauma upon the body, which is marked by bruising and tissue swelling around the surgery site.  Connie Nation, a holistic health practitioner and certified lymphatic therapist, has partnered with Dr. Barttelbort to provide lymphatic massage to assist the body’s natural healing process.

Lymphatic therapy is a gentle touch massage that improves the function of the lymph system.  This system plays an important role in the body’s ability to heal from an injury or disease.  It also functions as a filter for toxins and bacteria present in the body.

Benefits of Lymphatic Massage

For plastic surgery patients, lymphatic massage can be an important part of the healing process.  After lymphatic massage, bruising that traditionally lasts for several days begins to fade within only a few days.  The redness and puffiness found around the eyes following some surgeries has also been diminished by the stimulating effects of lymphatic massage.

In the professional hands of Connie Nation, lymphatic massage is a relaxing treatment that greatly benefits Dr. Barttelbort’s patients.  This skin rejuvenation technique, performed in 3 to 12 sessions, safely and effectively accelerates the healing process.

Contact Connie today at 619.742.2703 or visit her Website for further information.

Reliable Recovery with Paulla Weddle, C.N.A.

Paulla Weddle offers a unique service to Dr. Barttelbort’s patients, providing them with 24-hour individual care as they recover from their cosmetic procedures.  Ms. Weddle is a certified nursing assistant and will help patients through the day-to-day aspects of recovery.  In addition to offering personal care that includes food preparation and service, the changing and placing of ice packs, transportation to and from Dr. Barttelbort’s office, and assistance with medication, Ms. Weddle also tends to patients’ daily errands, telephone calls, and mail.  With Ms. Weddle, patients receive full-service pampering and gentle, nurturing care in the privacy of their own home as they recover from surgery.

Contact Paulla today at 760.219.4423 or visit her Website for further information.